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  • How often do I apply the serum?
    [Our all purpose serum can be applied root to tip as well as directly on the scalp on wet or dry hair.] We recommed use at least 3-4 times weekly for optimal results.
  • How long does each bottle last?
    The answer varies based off of hair length and volume, usage, moisture retention, and hair styles. All sizes last anywhere from 1-6 weeks usually.
  • How soon before I see growth after using the hair enhancing serum?
    Growth varies for everyone. Our product is fast acting and very beneficial but it also requires you to do other things to keep your hair healthy other than just applying our serum. Results can be seen anywhere from 1-6 weeks dending on your hairs growth rate as well as how you care for it.
  • What ingredients are in the hair enhancing serum?
    Our serum is comprised of all natural and organic ingredients. If you have any allergies or concerns as it peratins to the ingredients please send us a message directly and someone will get back to you as sson as we can.
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